Saturday, September 1, 2012

10 Steps to Become A Great and Successful Affiliate Marketer

As much as we hate to admit it, there's no getting around it - the world revolves around money and those that make a decent income are able to enjoy not only the necessities but those little extras as well. One field that is enabling people to earn an honest and lucrative income is affiliate marketing. Not only does it offer flexibility and the ability to use your marketing and sales skills to help customers and business owners, it also offers passive income and great income. However, it is a very competitive field and there are many people trying to make a living off affiliate marketing. So, what makes some people successful whereas others' can't break the affiliate marketing code?

Here are 10 tips from successful marketers:

1. They choose the right product. Most marketers base their choice on products that interest them or that compliment other products they are endorsing. The problem however is that sometimes this is simply not good enough. Instead, it might be better to focus on products that fulfill a desperate need to a consumer or a product where there is not much competition.

2. They choose the right niche. Some niches are way too competitive and some have too much competition. By targeting the right audience, preferably an audience with a desperate need and money to buy the product to fulfill that need, marketers can make steady commissions. In addition, marketers should focus on complimentary products so that you can also cross-promote so that you leverage your marketing efforts to make even more income.

3. They don't give up easily. He or she uses analytics and any other marketing software tools. In addition, they are well versed on online and offline strategies including display ads, SMS text marketing, social media marketing and more. They are also well versed on SEO and killer copy as well. They realize that it takes various marketing methods to hit that "sweet selling spot."

4. They know their target market. Marketers who understand who their targets are better able to sell products to them. That is, by knowing who might be interested in your product, they can grab their attention and market to their specific needs. In essence, they can hit those selling points that will engage customers and make them want to purchase the promoted product or service immediately.

5. They build credibility by choosing high quality products that will meet their target's needs. In addition, they avoid wishy-washy marketing machinery and take their time engaging the customer. They realize that more than 68% of customers shift their loyalties due to trust issues.

6. They use powerful and engaging content to keep subscribers and customers interested. More than 90% of the successful marketers use engaging content to build strong relationships, build stronger brand awareness and boost their chances of earning more commissions. They use content that is timeless, borderless, and global, and they also use current events that are relative to the products they are promoting.

7. Understand, use and measure Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Successful marketers know what sells and they can sell it fast. In addition, they factor in the commission value and their costs per sale when deciding whether an advertising campaign is worth the effort. This way, they only promote the best products.

8. Use online videos and social media marketing. They understand the power of videos and use it to their advantage. In fact, researchers found that 34% of professional marketers are able to generate leads just by using Twitter and of these leads; the average number of closed deals was over 20%! These marketing experts understand that social media is the best way to make products go viral and they consistently tap into this marketing strategy.

9. They are hungry for sales but patient. Successful marketers realize that affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. Instead, it is a real career that takes hard work and effort. With sustained effort and seeing the bigger picture, they work hard and wait for the profits to roll in. They make changes to their marketing strategies and aren't complacent.

10. They use an effective marketing style. Finally, successful affiliate marketers never copy other affiliate marketer's style. Instead, they develop their own signature campaign because it makes them stand out. Sometimes they don't reinvent the wheel; instead they put their own spin on the marketing campaign so they can get those sales.

In conclusion, affiliate marketers can become great income producers if they choose the right products, market and niche, build credibility, use powerful content, videos and social media, understand key performance metrics, are hungry for sales but patient, and use an effective marketing style. So if you decide to try yourself in the affiliate shoes, you should look for the reputable affiliate marketing network company which could help you achieve your goals. One of them is Click2Sell.EU which offers products for affiliates to promote and tools how to do it successfully.

For the end, whether you choose affiliate marketing or not, the result will almost always depend on how you run your new business. Because at the end of the day, it's your output that will ultimately determine the amount you make.

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