Friday, August 31, 2012

Promote Residual Affiliate Programs To Earn Additional Income

If you are planning to go online to make money selling products and promoting events and programs, you would do well also by becoming an affiliate marketer and promote residual affiliate programs to earn additional income.

You can become an affiliate marketer when you sign in to an affiliate program in order to promote a product and direct traffic to the merchant's website. If that effort converts into an action like an opt in, an email, or a purchase of the product or even giving a simple postal code, you can get compensation. In fact there are many ways of compensation terms; like percentages of commission, large commission payments, lifetime commissions and many other benefits.

With some affiliate products, you can even get lifetime commissions too. But although all these benefits can add up to a considerable online income, you can be even more profitable by considering the promotion of residual affiliate programs.

Even though usually, residual affiliate programs don't pay big percentage commissions for sales directed by the promoter to the merchant's website, it is a mistake not to use them to earn additional income. Do you think it is a correct decision to ignore these kinds of affiliate programs?

Well... for sure you would be leaving money on the table if you don't promote them. Why? Because with residual affiliate programs you would be getting paid ongoing and regular payments as opposed to just one time commission for an ordinary affiliate commission.

If one merchant pays you $55 for getting a customer buying his product and another gives you $5 for every single customer that subscribes to that product on a monthly basis, it is easy to see there is opportunity with this model to earn a lot of money too; you'll get paid for as long as that subscriber stays with the product, if this product is for example, some video making teaching course.

You can earn considerable income with the one time commission model of affiliate programs, but don't forget residual affiliate programs and your income will be much greater.

Affiliate marketing in general, as a business model, is great because it is so much cheaper to run and operate than an offline business model and much less risky as well since you are never likely to incur in great costs or need large sums of money or personnel to run your business. You can run your business online, with the use of a PC and working from your garden or in the kitchen, without the need for much space for inventories or maintenance of any kind.

Hardly any kind of customer-affiliate interaction is needed, since it is the merchant's website normally that takes care of the customer's needs. You as an affiliate, only need to promote de product, to guide the customer towards making the purchase and the rest is done by the merchant or product owner.

You can later go on to make your own products as well and get your own affiliates too to promote them. This will cost more time and effort, but the rewards will be much greater and of course well worth it. Your sales can be increased so much more with the help of your affiliates as well as with your expertise as a previous affiliate, still promoting other people's products and being a promoter of residual affiliate programs too.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Affiliate Marketing - How to Be Successful in This Game

Are you looking for a viable way to make money in today's suffering economy? Do you enjoy promoting other people's service or product oriented business? Would you be open to being paid a hefty commission for your efforts? Are you knowledgeable about marketing trends? If you answered yes to these questions, you may want to delve into the very lucrative field of affiliate marketing.

But what is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when a business owner hires a marketing professional to spread the word about their business in exchange for a commission of any sales that the affiliate marketer generates from his/her marketing efforts. For instance, let's say that you're an affiliate marketer for Amazon. Well, you set up a few sites and promote their products. Well, every time someone purchases an Amazon product from your site, you get a referral commission. Amazon makes money, you make money for the referral and the customer gets the product.

Still not persuaded that affiliate marketing works? Consider these stats - according to Forrester Research, a firm located in Massachusetts, an online seller will increase his chances of earning more by 16% annually by using affiliate marketing on top of his existing marketing strategies.

One key factor that is burning the affiliate marketing candle so bright is the shift in consumer buying behavior. Nowadays consumers enjoy shopping via mobile devices like phones and tablets. This growth in e-commerce was almost non-existent a few years ago but now, it makes shopping easy-peasy. Affiliate marketers who employ SMS text advertising, display advertising and other mobile-friendly marketing methods will increase their bottom line figures tremendously.

In a just released report, "Online Holiday Shopping Forecast and Trends," eMarketer has announced the expectation for online shopping to reach $54.47 billion just in this upcoming holiday season! This would be equivalent to a 16.8% increase in sales from 2011 for the period of November and December only and it does not include travel.

Key Factors To Remember

So, if you're a marketer that is interested in playing the affiliate marketing game, you must put in a lot of work and effort to make your commissions. Here are a few strategies you can employ:

Choose partners carefully. Only choose companies that have proven track records for paying their affiliates on time. Make sure they have a solid reputation and have a great product. After all, you won't make any money selling crappy products that don't work.

Review your links regularly. Since you are basically paid an affiliates commission based on the amount of revenue you generate, you must be able to track your sales. As such, it is extremely paramount that you only deal with companies that have a solid affiliate tracking feature in place. In addition, you must regularly review your links and tracking codes so you have a better idea of what marketing method is working and which ones are a bust.

Keep good records. Know which products you're promoting and how you're promoting them. You may also want to use accounting software to help you monitor your income. Then, you can easily spot whether you are being paid properly paid or not.

Keep your content fresh and interesting. As a matter of fact 40% of online buyers are more likely to consummate a sale if they like what they read. Content is a vital key in affiliate marketing. Avoid misleading readers in any way because this will backfire with bad feedback. Keep in mind that Internet users are always on security mode alert for scammers. Your honesty and integrity is going to establish you as a credible and reputable affiliate. And that promotes loyalty, effective Word of Mouth recommendations, repeat sales and more profits.

In conclusion, affiliate marketing is a great way to make money. Since you don't have to create a specific product or service, you aren't limited in your income potential. Just remember that not every product is worthy of your marketing efforts. If you want to find and choose established partners, review your links regularly, keep good records and have fresh and interesting content you should find online affiliate program network for that.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Using An Affiliate Marketing Network To Grow Rapidly

An affiliate marketing network has more to do with the companies that are looking to market their goods and services, than with the affiliates themselves. Think of it as a chain where the company is at one end, and a large number of affiliates are at the other.

If a company tried to manage all its affiliates simultaneously, it would have to build an office just to manage them all. An affiliate marketing network takes care of some of these issues. As the company begins to expand its affiliate population, there can be tens of thousands of clicks to monitor, and keeping track of all the sales and commissions can become a huge task. Add to this the issue of payments. Any legitimate affiliate marketing program is critically dependent upon timely payments being made to their affiliates.

You can imagine the number of checks that have to be printed and dispatched, or the electronic transfers that have to be affected. To further add to this confusion, different affiliates may prefer different modes of payments. Any company that tries to keep track of all this, is sure to get bogged down in detail. That's where an affiliate marketing network comes into play.

It handles all the issues related to the managing of affiliates. It provides a layer of abstraction between the company and the thousands of affiliates it uses. The manufacturing company just interacts with the affiliate marketing network interface, and hands them a payment every week or month.

Thereafter, it internally keeps a record of all the affiliates and the work they've been doing and works out the payments for each one. Even as affiliates join and leave the network, the parent company is insulated and can afford to concentrate on doing its core job of producing of high quality products and services.

There's another advantage of an affiliate marketing network. Affiliates don't scout for opportunities and interact with companies. In all probability, they don't have time to deal with individual cases. The affiliate marketing network handles the negotiation and the terms with the manufacturing organization, and affiliates are saved from all that so they can concentrate on making their websites as attractive as they can be.

Working with an affiliate marketing network is probably the smartest thing you can do while you're setting up your website. You can be sure of receiving timely payments and great assistance as you make your presence known online.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How To Accomplish Your Affiliate Marketing Goals

A combination of a firm belief in yourself, combined with a few affiliate marketing techniques, can establish a flourishing affiliate business for you. Affiliate marketing involves getting paid for referring visitors to the website of the product you're promoting. However, it's not as easy as it sounds. The following techniques can be learnt from a huge internet resource, and applied to your business freely. What makes an affiliate business succeed isn't money, but careful planning, the correct approach and lots of sweat.

Among the top affiliate marketing techniques, the first is having some kind of training in affiliate marketing so that you can choose the right products and methods from the thousands available online. Although free methods are available, not all of them guarantee success. In fact, some of them can actually cause you to lose money. Enlist in the proper affiliate training that's based on years of research and practical trials.

Article marketing also lists among the top affiliate marketing techniques. It's a boon for those who have a sound aptitude for creative writing. This mode of advertising is free, and the articles written can be placed on your product affiliate website, blogs and in article directories. These articles have a great impact on your visitors to direct them to your product website.

Your website can (and should) be a squeeze page where the visitors are asked to opt-in before proceeding. Their e-mail addresses gathered in this manner forms a database of subscribers, that can be used for subsequent communications. This method has a 2-way advantage. First, it carries out your product promotion and second, it helps you make money.

Among the most recognized affiliate marketing techniques, is the use of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This directs a visitor to your website by listing it among the top search results, when specific keywords are entered. Another technique used commonly by affiliates is PPC or pay-per-click advertisements. This is a unique mode of advertising where you pay a certain amount of money if and when someone clicks on your ad. The headline of your ad accounts for 80% of its effectiveness in generating responses.

The above techniques should be seriously considered in your quest to succeed as an affiliate marketer. Most of them don't cost anything, and have tremendous value that can worth thousands of dollars if used correctly and persistently. Utilize these tried and tested methods to avoid falling flat on your face in your marketing efforts.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Affiliate Marketing Programs Explained

Affiliate marketing programs need to be given a great deal of attention, because the success of any program depends on how well it's advertised. The more time you spend in promoting your products and services, the better your chances for success will be.

If your business isn't producing any profits you need to market it more. Because most affiliate marketers don't study their target market and don't analyze their website statistics, they have no idea what visitors want or where they're coming from. But it's actually easier than they think to market the kind of products and services that their target audience desires.

One of the most important aspects is to ensure that the products you market, are relevant to the content and theme of your website. You probably won't have a good conversion ratio if your website is about sports, and you're marketing pregnancy clothes. It'll be easier if you concentrate on one particular sport. You might want to promote golf, and promote golf clubs and other golf accessories for example.

It's important to promote only quality products from reputable merchants, if you intend on enjoying success in affiliate marketing. Promote products and services that you've used before and liked personally. It's just as important that your visitors be impressed by the merchant's website.

You've pre-sold the product to them, now the merchant's website must take it from there and close the sale for you. Use appropriate keywords (especially long-tail keyword phrases) that are equally effective as the main keyword. Affiliate marketing works only if you're able to drive heavily targeted traffic to your website.

Search engine optimization and using keyword rich quality content are absolutely essential. You can build links and leads by using promotional and informative newsletters, e-zines, submitting value-laden articles to article directories, utilizing viral videos, podcasts, RSS feeds and PPC ads.

You can also start a blog or join a forum related to the products that you promote. It's also a good idea to be a member of blogs that are related to your products. Ensure that all your posts have links pointing back to your website. Make sure you don't sound like an advertisement. Gain the trust of people by making unbiased and highly informative posts.

Once they recognize you as an expert, they'll trust the recommendations you make about the products you're promoting. Social networking websites have been used in affiliate marketing, and can be a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website. Producing short promotional videos that are social media optimized, will drive the kind of targeted traffic to your site that you want and need.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

What To Consider Before Joining An Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn an excellent income, but there are a few factors that need to be considered before you start joining various programs, and begin promoting products. It'll be a very profitable venture once you know how to select the right products, and market them extensively using the right strategies. Below are 9 effective marketing techniques you'll find invaluable.

1) Promote products that relate to the content on your website, and use keyword rich content to make your website search engine friendly.

2) Select products from reputable dealers and ensure that the merchant's website is impressive.

3) Select products that are popular and can sell quickly. Marketing products and services that are hard to sell, but pay high commissions, may not be a good idea when compared to marketing products that are easier to sell, but pay lower commissions. Slow nickels are better than fast dollars.

4) Compare various affiliate programs and select merchants who pay good commissions. This arrangement may not work out if merchants don't pay at least 50% in commissions for each sale generated from your website, but as stated previously, make sure the products can be sold as quickly as possible.

5) Make sure you understand the merchant's payment plan, and select merchants who payout on a monthly basis. Check to see if you must earn a certain amount in commissions before you can be paid. You must be able to view the statistics page easily, and make sure the merchant updates this information regularly, to give you an idea of how successful your marketing tactics are.

6) To market effectively, you'll need to have a reliable support staff available that will answer all your questions. They must offer commendable support services enabling you to clear doubts and misgivings, and solve problems quickly with the least possible delay.

7) It'll be helpful if the merchant supplies you with a variety of banners, graphics and text links to use on your website. Marketing tools have to be used aptly in order for them to be effective. Seek a program that provides them as well as educates you on how to use them. Study those who are successful and learn how they became successful.

8) A fast loading website is absolutely essential, so keep the graphics to a bare minimum.

9) Some affiliate programs offer guidance on what marketing strategies have been successful for promoting their products in the past, while other programs may send out useful tips each week or month via their newsletter.

Affiliate marketing can be a highly profitable business, as long as you know how to drive targeted traffic to your website to pre-sell products. Some marketers create websites based on the affiliate products or service they're promoting because they've earned huge profits in the past.

There are affiliates who've earned as much as $1 million a year just by promoting various products and services. But just like any legitimate business, it takes a lot of hard work, attention to detail and of course, marketing to be highly successful in this particular niche.