Friday, August 31, 2012

Promote Residual Affiliate Programs To Earn Additional Income

If you are planning to go online to make money selling products and promoting events and programs, you would do well also by becoming an affiliate marketer and promote residual affiliate programs to earn additional income.

You can become an affiliate marketer when you sign in to an affiliate program in order to promote a product and direct traffic to the merchant's website. If that effort converts into an action like an opt in, an email, or a purchase of the product or even giving a simple postal code, you can get compensation. In fact there are many ways of compensation terms; like percentages of commission, large commission payments, lifetime commissions and many other benefits.

With some affiliate products, you can even get lifetime commissions too. But although all these benefits can add up to a considerable online income, you can be even more profitable by considering the promotion of residual affiliate programs.

Even though usually, residual affiliate programs don't pay big percentage commissions for sales directed by the promoter to the merchant's website, it is a mistake not to use them to earn additional income. Do you think it is a correct decision to ignore these kinds of affiliate programs?

Well... for sure you would be leaving money on the table if you don't promote them. Why? Because with residual affiliate programs you would be getting paid ongoing and regular payments as opposed to just one time commission for an ordinary affiliate commission.

If one merchant pays you $55 for getting a customer buying his product and another gives you $5 for every single customer that subscribes to that product on a monthly basis, it is easy to see there is opportunity with this model to earn a lot of money too; you'll get paid for as long as that subscriber stays with the product, if this product is for example, some video making teaching course.

You can earn considerable income with the one time commission model of affiliate programs, but don't forget residual affiliate programs and your income will be much greater.

Affiliate marketing in general, as a business model, is great because it is so much cheaper to run and operate than an offline business model and much less risky as well since you are never likely to incur in great costs or need large sums of money or personnel to run your business. You can run your business online, with the use of a PC and working from your garden or in the kitchen, without the need for much space for inventories or maintenance of any kind.

Hardly any kind of customer-affiliate interaction is needed, since it is the merchant's website normally that takes care of the customer's needs. You as an affiliate, only need to promote de product, to guide the customer towards making the purchase and the rest is done by the merchant or product owner.

You can later go on to make your own products as well and get your own affiliates too to promote them. This will cost more time and effort, but the rewards will be much greater and of course well worth it. Your sales can be increased so much more with the help of your affiliates as well as with your expertise as a previous affiliate, still promoting other people's products and being a promoter of residual affiliate programs too.

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