Sunday, September 30, 2012

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

A lot of people spend a good chunk of their day online; some do it for work while others do it to relax and communicate with others. Millions of people have joined social networking sites while others have gone to blogging and putting up their own personal websites. But, did you know that in all the hours spent online from writing a blog post or updating a website you can also earn some money? Affiliate marketing is one way you can profit from your blog or your website.

So, what is affiliate marketing? To define it simply, affiliate marketing is when a business or brand pays an affiliate when a customer buys from the business due to the promotion of the latter. Meaning, if an affiliate site or your blog markets a brand and consumers buy it because of your marketing efforts, you then get paid by the brand. If you want to know more about what is affiliate marketing or you want to earn from this marketing style then you can join different affiliate programs offered online. There are a series of programs that you can sign up for like Empower Network. Known to be one of the biggest affiliate programs online, you can earn from $25 up to a whopping $4,625 per sale you make. In some ways affiliate marketing is often confused with other internet marketing schemes due to some overlapping qualities in its promotional methods. In various advertising methods like Pay-per-click, Search Engine Optimization, display advertising and e-mail marketing these are also used in affiliate programs, although what sets it aside is the use of product reviews on posts as well as promotions done by an affiliate site on the product or service offered by another independent business.

There are a variety of approaches how an affiliate program can help you earn for your site, like Empower Network they can help you generate a full percent of commission from sales. In this system of marketing there are different roles played for by different parties; the business/brand, you as a publisher and the customers. With this system there are also different levels of how you can earn. If the contract between you as publisher and the business you are promoting is based on a pay-per-click scheme whether or not your customer buys from the business, the fact alone that they have clicked an advertising then you as promoter already gained that commission.

If affiliate marketing is still a very vague concept to you yet you are interested to make money using this marketing strategy for your blog then it is wise to join a trusted affiliate program that you can find online. Like Empower Network, they will not only provide an upline for your website but before the program starts you will get extensive training. Through this you are not left alone to find your way in the dark and you are protected from online scams that will just rip you off with your money.

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