Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog Today!

One of the top questions asked by all new internet entrepreneurs is "How do I get more traffic to my website or blog?!" Rightly so as without visitors to your new domain, you can pretty much count on it failing!

The challenge is knowing where to begin when it comes to generating blog traffic. What usually happens is we end up in the AdWords 'Cycle of Death'! We create our website, spend a lot of money creating AdSense ads, then end up running out of money. All while generating very little to no traffic. This is actually quite common for internet business owners. There are actually some tried and true methods we can use to avoid these mistakes and start out right!

We can actually use a 'not-so-secret-secret' to generate traffic and increase sales that successful internet business owners use all the time! No gimmicks or crazy initiations. We'll just need to block off a little time and get to work!

The first thing we need to do is determine who our customers are. If we don't know who we are selling too, and what their internet patterns are, sales may fall flat. There are a couple tools we can use to find out this information. The first is Google Trends. It is free, and we can use it to find information on keywords related to our website and who is looking for them. This also ties in with the Google AdWords Tool. We can use this to help refine what keywords are more popular for our niche or product.

Our next step is to start marketing to our audience. This is where we will establish a wider presence on the internet to help generate website traffic. Now that we know all about our audience, and the keywords they like to use, we can start writing content-rich articles and place them on article sites like EzineArticles and Go Articles. We will submit to as many sites as we can to build our 'authority', and to give us an opportunity to show our article resource box to the world! The resource box is where we get to put links directly back to our website so our customers can go to our site as soon as they read our article.

Finally, you will start generating traffic to your articles using email marketing and supplemental traffic sources. Also, using supplemental sources like YouTube, social media like Facebook and Twitter posts, can generate a 'buzz' around your site that can generate website traffic consistently.

If we follow these simple steps, we should be able to generate a decent amount of traffic to boost sales and get our website off the ground! You just have to realize it will take a little time. Stick to the strategy, and the traffic will follow!

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